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The four Périgord

To the north, this area is aptly named. Indeed included in the Natural Park Regional
the Nontron region and the Dronne valley offer a landscape of trees and
 meadows crossed by a myriad of
 rivers and streams.
It is also the least known to tourists. Yet, interesting places are worth visiting
 such as Brantôme, 
the « Venice of the Périgord » or Bourdeilles and Mareuil castles, two of the ancient
 Périgord’s four baronies.

It cuts the Dordogne in two from East to West following the course 
of the river Isle.
Centrally situated, it is a region of limestone plateaux rich in quarries which 
produced the noble white 
stonework of which the ancient buildings of Périgueux are made.
 We can also find wide valleys, rolling meadows and forests.From Hautefort
 to Montpon including 
Périgueux, the region also features towns of interest such as Savignac-les-Eglises,
 Sorges (with its truffles), Saint-Astier, Neuvic and Mussidan.

Actually it is not named for its truffles. In fact, black is the colour of the 
abundant live oaks which 
cover the high hills around Sarlat and whose dark silhouettes can be
 seen from miles away.
It is the best-known part of the Périgords thanks to its prehistoric and historic
 remains such as its painted 
or sculpted caves (Lascaux, Font-de-Gaume, …), its medieval castles (
Beynac, Castelnaud, Montfort, …) and its picturesque towns (Sarlat, Domme, Les Eyzies, …).

This new “appellation” strictly “contrôlée” of course is the name given
 to the area around Bergerac
 and its bastides or fortified villages.
It is the main wine-growing area. The wines of Bergerac, 
Pécharmant, Montbazillac,
 Saussignac are kings. 
The French and English bastides built in the 13th century, all on the same
 pattern surrounding a central
market place, recall an important page of our history : the Hundred Years’s War.


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